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Benefits of Becoming An IATP Fellow

  • Formal international accreditation of accomplishments in the field of toxicologic pathology as determined by rigorous review of credentials and professional history by an international peer expert panel. The IATP Fellow accreditation is the only organized, global recognition of career accomplishments that exists in the field of toxicologic pathology.

  • Association with highly experienced pathologists who are internationally recognized for their expertise in toxicologic pathology, and generally serve as thought leaders in the field of toxicologic pathology.

  • Organization of educational events under the auspices of IATP to enable Fellows to give back to the toxicologic pathology community, particularly to younger pathologists and pathologists in developing countries.

  • Informal consultation with IATP Fellows who are thoroughly experienced in all aspects of toxicologic pathology, and formal consultation with a subset of IATP fellows who are available for consultative engagement.

  • Participation in a forum for global harmonization of the practice of toxicologic pathology.

  • Sharing of selected lectures and educational materials as provided by other Fellows.
  • General Instructions for Applying for Fellowship in IATP

    Please review the Assignment of Points Form. You must have 75 points to be eligible for fellowship. Please review the online application, and the list of supporting documents in advance of submitting your application to familiarize yourself with what will be required. Once you have gathered all your information, please create a user ID and password to access the online membership application. Complete the online application and attach your CV as a pdf file. Please include as much detail as possible in all areas of the application form to help the Accreditation Committee appropriately assess your expertise in each area.

    Your application will be reviewed by the Accreditation Chair for completeness. The Accreditation Chair will contact you if there are any questions or if additional information is needed. Once your application has been reviewed for completeness, it will be sent to the Accreditation Committee for review and scoring. You will receive written notification of the results (within 4 weeks of submission) when the review process has been completed.

    Criteria for Accreditation
    The criteria for accreditation in toxicologic pathology by IATP are divided into three areas:

    • Qualifications
    • Professional Experience
    • Recognition of Scientific Judgment

    Applicants must demonstrate accomplishments in all of these areas.

    Application Process

    Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the IATP Executive Director or (856) 223-5174.

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